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BFF Games

We have been building board games and played table top RPGs for many years. With Hidden Leaders we forged a fun and light game that we never grew tired off, so we decided to share it with you!


We started as a society ('Verein') based in Vienna and through the success of Hidden Leaders became our own little company. All of us are doing this as a side project focusing on developing games that we enjoy to play.

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Our Team

We are three friends with a diverse set of interests and talents. Although we do not always agree, our diverse interests allow for a very natural distribution of tasks and responsibilities and our long term friendship allows us to resolve any disagreements with the best possible outcome.

Markus: The Manager

Outside of making, playing and hoarding board games Markus works as a product manager, a role that (luckily) he never drops entirely. He keeps a close eye on the business side of making a board game and has himself played, researched and tested countless games.


Markus loves to tinker with the smallest details of the game mechanism. To him a good game has many strategic options, requires active interaction of the players and is most importantly fun and exciting.


« A good game creates moments of intensive feelings and fosters interaction between players »


« To make an enjoyable and memorable game, it needs appealing & unique artwork. »

Raphael: The Architect

When Raphael is not rolling dice, drawing cards or moving tiles, he works as an architect. As our artist in chief he stalked countless artists to find one fitting to our game. He is drawing our board and card designs and communicates from artist to artist.


For Raphael a game does not only need to be fun, it also must look good. Only a game with a unique aesthetic appeal is truly memorable to him.

Andreas: The Historian

As a trained historian, Andreas crafts coherent  stories that reflect a diverse society within a fantasy world. In this, he is a writer first and a board game enthusiast second. If you read anything by us, chances are high it was written by him.


To Andreas, a board game is a cultural product that impacts society. Therefore, he takes great care that our illustrations and stories reflect various identity concepts in a humorous way.


« In a good game every player finds a character to identify with. »


Nacho: The Designer

Nacho emerged as a dedicated fan of Hidden Leaders during our first Kickstarter campaign. As a talented graphics designer, he soon became a valuable member on our team. He creates card backgrounds, icons, family trees and many more visual design elements and helps us on a regular basis to make the game and its artwork shine.

« Every game deserves a graphic design that captures the essence of its world.»

Corinna: The Collector

Corinna spent nearly a decade working in a record store before transitioning from record collecting to amassing board games.  Her first backed Kickstarter project, Hidden Leaders, ultimately opened the door for her to join the BFF Games team.

Corinna maintains a valuable connection to our fans via email, Kickstarter and creates engaging content for our social media sites. 


« A truly great game becomes a treasured part of a player's collection. »

Our Artist

After many months of research and discussion we came about the perfect artist for our game: Satoshi Matsuura. His fantasy art style is unique, edgy and memorable. We decided to work with him because his simple and humorous style fits very well with our fun and light game.

You can see much more of his artwork on Instagram or ArtStation and support him with a small donation on a monthly basis via Patreon.

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