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Rule Clarifications

You want to learn how to play the game?

Base Game

How does the "exchange card" of the Careful Chameleon work ?

The Careful Chameleon allows you to exchange one card from your hand with one from the party of another player. This means you take any one card from another player's party (face-up or face-down), take it into your hand, and put one other card from your hand into the party of this player. You will put this card into their party the same way as the card that you have taken. So if the card you took was face-down, then you put one card from your hand into this player's party face-down. If it was face-up, you put it into their party face-up.

Mini-Expansion "Queens & Friend"

How does the "Emperor's Best Friend" count in case of an undead victory?

The Emperor Best Friend counts as 1 undead Hero if their winning condition (being in the same party as the Emperor) is not full field. If a player has the Best Friend and the Emperor in their party, the best Friend counts as 2 for the winning color instead of counting 1 for Undead.

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