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Hidden Leaders: Forgotten Legends

3 Modules including:

  • 1 new Faction

  • 21 new Heroes

  • 4 new Leaders

  • 6 Fate cards

  • 6 Artifact cards for the Leaders

  • 1 Additional Meeple

  • 36 custom shape tokens

Hidden Leaders_221010-component overview without stretch.jpg

The Mother has awakened

Four unknown descendants of the Emperor have deciphered the forgotten legends and called upon the powerful guardian spirits of Oshra.


Their ritual unearthed new treasures but also brought greed into the hearts of many. Will the new guardian leaders take over the land, or will the established powers prevail?

The Guardians:
A fifth faction adding a new layer of deduction.

Exploit the abilities of the powerful Guardian heroes. But use them wisely, or you will make the new leaders win.

artifacts (2).png

Artifacts: Permanent abilities for your leader.

Choose an artifact for your leader that gives your play style a unique twist. Release its power whenever needed.

Corruption: Tokens to protect and corrupt heroes. 

Secretly change your heroes loyalty or protect them with powerful traps.

corruption image.png
Guardians Overview3.png

You want to test the expansion online?

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  • Test the expansion via TabletopSimulator or Tabletopia.

  • Find other people for play testing.

  • Contribute to the development of the expansion.

  • Receive insights and background information.


How to join?

Send us a private message via one of the following platforms:

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