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Hidden Leaders is a quick tableau building card game with deduction elements for 2-6 players.  It will launch on Kickstarter in early 2021 and uses unique artwork by the Japanese Artists Satoshi Matsuura.


What makes Hidden Leaders a great game?

Hidden Leaders is a game of great tension with no-down time. It allows for bluffing, direct player interaction and demands to take a lot of small, but overall important decisions. It can be explained in 5 minutes and is fun from the first round on. Because each of the six leaders has a unique combination of winning conditions, each game will feel different depending on what leaders are in the game. Our distinctive artwork and character names will make you smile and let you enjoy the game even more. 

Game Mechanics (read more)

Every player randomly takes the role of one leader who can win with two out of four factions. Leaders stay hidden to all other players. During their turn players play hero cards to manipulate the two markers (red & green) which determine the outcome of the game. Each player aims for two of four possible outcomes: red wins, green wins, a tie or total war.  In this, they mislead other players, build up their tableau of heroes or disturb other players. The end of the game triggers when one player reaches a threshold of face-up heroes in their party. All players who support the winning faction compare their tableau: Who has the most of heroes of this color wins. Download the full rules here.

The Background Story (read more)

The island of Oshra is in turmoil. Following the death of the Emperor, rivalries between the Hill Tribes and the Imperial Army escalated. Only the peaceful Water People stand between the old rivals and desperately try to maintain a delicate balance of power. Yet, with the Emperor gone, the Undead rise again and try to escalate the war into total destruction. In such a time without leaders, all hopes rest on the six children of the Emperor. They have to find their side in this conflict and decide the burning question: Who will be the new Emperor of Oshra?

About the Team (read more)

We are three friends who are playing and building board games for many years. Hidden Leaders will be our first published game. For it, we bring our unqiue skills together: Markus is a product manager, Raphael an architect and Andreas a Historian. 

More in our 3-minutes About US Video

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About the Artist

Satoshi Matsuura is Japanese artist who draws unique and compelling characters for many years. We were so intrigued by his fantasy artwork we asked him to come onboard for our game.

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