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Background Story

The island of Oshra is in turmoil. Following the death of the Emperor, rivalries between the Hill Tribes and the Imperial Army escalated. Across the country knights & beasts are gathering for war. Only the peaceful Water People stand between the old rivals and desperately try to maintain a delicate balance of power. Yet to the drums of war also the dead awoke. With the Emperor gone, the Undead rise again and try to escalate the war into total destruction.


In such a time without leaders all hopes rest on the six children of the Emperor. Long they stood in the shadow of their father but now their time has come. They have to find their side in this conflict and decide the burning question: Who will be the new Emperor of Oshra?

The Four Factions

The Imperial Army represents state power on the island of Oshra. They stand for military power, order, civilization and law. They served the Emperor with devotion, yet without a clear leader they have forgotten the language of peace.


  • Maintain law & order

  • Protect state power & civilization​


«A guardian for the people, a whip for the unjust.»


«Purge the cities, nourish the soil.»

The Hill Tribes felt oppressed within the empire for long. Yet under the strict laws of the Emperor they were always protected and left in peace. With order falling apart, their territories and people are under constant danger of exploitation and oppression. Recently they started an uprising against the crumbling Empire.


  • Gain independence

  • Protect nature and all peoples

The Water Folk are mythical beings that play a major role in the religious beliefs and traditions of Oshra. Usually, they do not interfere with human affairs but only offer advice. With the death of the Emperor they desperately try to restore peace on the island.


  • Maintain peace & balance

  • Provide wisdom & guidance


«Peace on the land, serenity in its waters.»


«Outnumber the living, envy the dead.»

The Undead were banished and defeated by the Emperor many decades ago. Now that the Emperor has died, they are rising again. Their cultists are chanting dark prayers all over the empire, raising the buried from their graves and poisoning the living with lies. As the enemies of all life, they worship destruction and chaos and try to escalate the war wherever they can.


  • Cause mayhem and destruction

  • Overthrow the rule of the living

The Leaders

The six children of the Emperor all strive to follow on the throne of Oshra. Each of them has their own decision to make between two factions that can help them to claim the throne.

For example, Enned the Kind, has only the best intentions at heart. She might come to power with the Water People who want to maintain peace and balance. However, as the youngest child of the Emperor she is easily frustrated and the Undead might end up making her their Queen.


The Guardians

The mighty guardians slumbered for centuries. Yet recently a secret ritual awoke them to fulfil their ancient duty: To protect the island of Oshra.

These spirits serve as powerful champions of their factions but also remember their original purpose. Whoever tries to control them might earn a powerful ally but also risks losing control.

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