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The Emperor

Defeater of the Undead

The Emperor Keralon the Wise ruled the Island of Oshra until he was 100 years old. He came to power when the people united against the invasion of the Undead. In a time of crisis he proved his charismatic leadership and skill in battle. His armies pushed back the hordes of the unliving and blocked up the tunnels to their domain bellow the earth. Since then the barricades are guarded day and night, a task that must never be forgotten.

Founder of the Empire

After the war the Emperor solidified the Imperial Army and founded the central administration. He turned Oshra into a unified and prosperous state. 


Lemron the Wise

Favorite of the People

Lemron is the first-born child of the Emperor. She was born when he was still an ordinary citizen. By the law of Oshra, this prevents her from any legal claim to the throne. In her youth, she received an education as a Water Priestess and upholds pacifistic believes. Deeply rooted with the ordinary people, she always maintained resentment against the elitist advisors of her father. At the same time, she showed great compassion for her people and gathered popular support when the Undead invaded.

Wise Woman in Exile

When her father began appeasing the rich and turned to the worship of the Sun God after the war, Lemron broke with him for good. She took refuge with the Hill Tribes and is considered a wise and just leader among them. If she becomes the new Empress of Oshra, her rule will favor the Hill Tribes and bring peace to the land.

Pavyr the Opportunist

A Child of the Waves

A few years before he became Emperor, Keralon went on a long voyage across the seas. He returned two years later with a treasure of gold and an infant called Pavyr. The boy was quickly adopted and became a famous seafarer throughout the land. He earned his living as a trader and a mercenary and spent most of his life on deck.

Admiral with Ambitions

When the Undead invaded Oshra, Pavyr was hired by his father as an admiral and defeated an army of drowned sailors in a fierce naval battle at the pearl islands. After the war, he quickly left his homeland again. Yet when he heard of the death of his father and the civil war at hand, he decided to make a move. Pavyr returned to Oshra and aims to become ruler by joining the winning side.


Xiadul the Cunning

The Black Sheep of the Family

Shortly after the Emperor was crowned, Xiadul was born in a sinful place. Never formerly recognized as a child of the Emperor, he was barely accepted at court. For several years he forced suitable amounts of silver from the treasuries of his unloving father. During that time, he became a well-known and influential figure in the streets of the capital.

A Blade in the Shadows

When the Undead invaded Oshra, Xiadul disappeared from sight for many years. Rumors say that he was not on the side of the living in this conflict. Yet others claim he was only a coward in hiding. Since his return, he is plotting against his family and has built an astonishing followership of thieves and spies.


Myrad the Banished

A Shaman's Son

Myrad is the first son of the second wife of the Emperor. After the war, the Emperor married a shaman of the Hill Tribes to appease their growing unrest. Myrad was raised in the traditions of his ancestors and was guided to courage and strength. Tirelessly he counted the many broken promises of the Emperor and his court.

Stubborn Rebel

When he spoke openly about the injustices and challenged the general of the Imperial Army to a duel, Myrad was banished from the capital and took refuge with his people. Since then he is growing an army to overthrow the oppressive rule of the Empire.

Cyra the Righteous

The Emperor's Favorite

Cyra is the first legitimate child of the Emperor that was born after his ascent to the throne. By the law of Oshra, this puts her first in line of succession. She always was the favorite of her father and inherited both his military power and his political talent. Her ambitions made her the keystone in the politics of Oshra but also a target of hatred for her siblings.

A General with many Enemies

When the Emperor died, Cyra quickly seized power and started a manhunt for her despised brother Xiadul. With most of the Imperial court loyal to her, she gathered an army to face both: the upcoming rebellion and the Undead threat. Walking in the footsteps of her father, she will force everyone into submission who opposes her legitimate rule or who threatens the peace on Oshra.


Enned the Kind

A Speaker of Secret Tongues

As the youngest child of the Emperor, Enned preserved both, her kind heart and her naivety. She was raised behind the protective walls of the monastery of the water priests. There she learned to balance between good and evil, and mastered the secret language of the Deep Sea.

A Frustrated Peacemaker

When her father died and her sister Cyra took over, Enned joined her as an adviser. She tries to moderate between her more passionate siblings and aims to restore peace in the land of Oshra. In this, she has attracted the attention of the Undead who try to nourish her frustration and exploit her naivety.

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