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A Game Found its Artist: Cooperation with Satoshi Matsuura

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Today we are excited to share big news with you! Our long and changing path of finding the right artwork for our board game has finally come to a close. We have entered a cooperation with a Japanese Artists who has a truly unique and edgy art style: Satoshi Matsuura.

One of the four factions in the game. The Imperial Army: They represents state power on the island of Skuca. They stand for military power, order, civilization and law.

Instead of having an artist draw all our ideas over a long period of time we were very excited when we stumbled upon Satoshi's work. It was exactly what we are looking for: unique, simple and memorable. A fantasy world to remember and engage! So we reached out to him and very recently came to an official agreement to use his artwork for our game. In this we will use many of the characters that he already drew in all these years and some he will exclusively create for our game.

Of course we had to tweak the setting of the game slightly to fit the new art style. We moved away from a more traditional fantasy world to a more mythical world full of strange beasts and brave warriors.

The second of the two factions. The Hill Tribes. They felt oppressed within the empire for long. Recently they started an uprising against the crumbling Empire.

We have already selected some must-haves for the final game. However, we are still open about the rest. So head over to Satoshi's page, have a look at his awesome heroes and breathtaking beasts and let us know: who is your favorite? Who would you love to see in this game?

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All the best and stay save!

Markus, Raphael and Andreas



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