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Copies Shipped & Launch Date Set

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

The turn of the year has been a busy time for us. Step by step we are moving closer to the pinnacle of our project: Launching on Kickstarter. Back in October it was all about making our game playable online. With the turn of the year we moved on and started printing. We ordered our cards at TheGameCrafter, our box at BoxShop, and Raphael laser cut the custom meeple for this prototype edition.

30 preview copies printed & shipped

Right now, postal services all around the globe are delivering these copies to more than 30 reviewers from Austria to Australia. We are very excited to see reviews going online soon!

Kickstarter Launch Date: 6th of April

With these copies shipped and videos being made, we have set our launch date. We started this journey in April 2020. Since than, the world has changed and so did our game. Now, this one year long journey will upgrade to the next level when we go live on April 6th 2021.

If you already have a Kickstarter account, you can sign up for the pre-page here:

T-shirts available via TeePublic

Inspired by a custom Christmas present made by Markus, we decided to let you join in on the fun. If you always wanted your favorite characters on a shirt, check out the designs in our store. Each shirt helps us to cover the costs leading up to the Kickstarter launch. And if this takes off, we have 68 more characters in stock...

While we are drawing closer and closer to the critical date we are very glad to hear so much feedback from you. More than 1.000 people have already signed up on our email list. Even more so we are very glad to see that people have played Hidden Leaders via Tabletopia and TableTopSimulator for roughly 300 hours already.

We thank all of you for this amazing support to bring this exciting journey to a grand and glamours finale. We are looking forward to delivering a game to your doorstep that makes you forget for a moment all the nonsense that is happening in the world around us.

Markus, Raphael and Andreas



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