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Print now & Play later: October Update

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The last weeks have been very exciting for the three of us. Once the deal with our artist Hiziripro (Satoshi Matsuura) was signed, things got serious. Today we are proud to present you the print&play version of our game. It is completely free to access. Just download the PDF to print it now and play it later:

Although our artwork is very beautiful and the new backgrounds look great, we decided to invest some extra time to make the Print & Play as easy as possible for you and your printer to handle. Now, instead of draining your precious, precious ink, printing these cards will cost you hardly more than printing the ticket for your next flight (whenever that will be possible again). For this, we have used the sketches provided by our artist. They are drafts of the finished artwork which you can see all over our social media sites in its final form. We really hope you enjoy this print & play version and would love to hear your feedback. With it, we want to show you that behind the amazing artwork of our artist there is a game waiting for you that is great fun too.

The Emperor and Leaders

For me personally, as a writer and world builder, the creation of the six leaders that give the game its name was the most intriguing part. To give Hiziripro some guidance, we created strong, yet flawed characters (3 male and 3 female) that will be Your representative in the game and determine your winning conditions.

Asides from their visuals they each come with a fully fledged backstory that you can read here. And who of them will follow on the dead Emperor's throne, you ask? You will decide!

Faction Backgrounds

And just as a story makes a character stand out, so does a background for any artwork. Because we want to provide you the best game possible, we hired a visual artist who created these amazing backgrounds for us:

Each background represents one of the four factions (colors) in the game and will help to make our 60 hero cards shine and easy to identify. However, having a color blind Goblin on board of our design team (me!) put double-coding on the top of our priority list from very early on. For this reason we are still working on beautiful and yet still easy-to-read icons for you.

Board in the Making

At the moment we are working with Hiziripro on the board that will be the center of the game. We are excited to see how his drafts are growing in detail with every iteration. Here, you can take a look at the artwork for the most recent version:

Once the board is finished we will move on to the box and the final design of the leader cards so that we should soon be ready to produce the first early versions of the game. This said, the final Kickstarter launch will probably be moved to the first quarter of 2021. Although we are a highly motivated team of three, we all work full time jobs and really don't want to blow this by rushing and serving you a half-backed bread.

Stay tuned and let us know your thoughts and ideas any time!

Best wishes,

Markus, Raphael and Andreas



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