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Hola, Bonjour & Guten Tag: New Partners on Board

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

March is an intense month for us. Our fan base on BGG started to take off. COVID delayed shipments keep us on our toes and our team expanded like it has never before. Up until now, we worked in a close team of three: Raphael, Markus and I. A WhatsApp Group and a Slack channel that was all we needed. But then things changed!

Thanks to the help of our three fantastic localisation partners Hidden Leaders will be available not only in English, but also in French (Matagot), Spanish (Bumble3ee) and last but not least in German (BoardGameCircus).

Currently we are buzzing in three different discord groups coordinating translation of cards, rules and the website. And even more languages may come! "What's Water Folk in Spanish?", "How do you translate Hidden Leaders to German?" "And what's a Flailing Knight in French?" these are questions, that keep us awake at night!

A skeleton with a large sun hat
Humor must never be lost in translation!

For us personally, seeing the Game come to life in German with the help of Board Game Circus is emotionally the most rewarding. One and a half years ago we built the first prototype in German and now our game is professionally localized (back) into our native language. Dirk, Daniel and Lisa are fantastic partners for that to turn Hidden-Leaders into Heimliche Herrschaft! This way we cannot only play the game with our friends all around the globe, but also with our parents, grandparents and nieces!

Despite all this fantastic support in translation and prototype manufacturing, it goes without saying that this means a lot of extra work for the three of us. We are hopping in and out of Skype calls, send printing sheets and paper work this and that way. And all that while preparing the big launch and 16 Kickstarter exclusive cards for you to unlock.

For this reason, we decided to shift the Kickstarter launch by two weeks to April 20th. This will allow our partners and us to provide multilingual options during the Kickstarter and to plan the final steps well!

Merci, Gracias and Dankeschön from all of us!

Markus, Raphael and Andreas



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