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The shortest 65 minutes in our lives

Last Tuesday, on 20th April 2021 our one year long work reached it's next stage. And it went right through the roof! In only 65 minutes it was all over. All the doubts and insecurities turned into pure joy as 600 backers made our dream come true. We funded on Kickstarter.

We, were well prepared, we thought. We had stretch goals ready and posts planned. We had set up a time table for engagements and posts after the launch and spaced out the goals to be unlocked. However, we forgot one little thing a "We are Funded" graphic (above). Instead we had to emergency-prepare it just a few minutes before the game landed:

In the following days the fire of Hidden Leaders kept burning. In the 48 hours that followed we all slept very little. We are so excited to see our work pay off and our dream comes true. It is very rewarding to see that our Kickstarter is really a grass-roots Kickstarter. As we speak 3.000 backers have contributed 60.000€. So that's 20€ per backer. It's crowd funding in its best sense.

We thank you all so much for your support. Based on this we are already play testing expansion. (Join our E-mail List to become a playtester later on). And we will keep working on finding partners for more languages that many of you ask. We want this game to be a little piece of joy, available to everyone in these dark times.

As a society ("Verein"), we also want to contribute back to society. Not only with a nice game that transports joy and positive values, but also by providing this game to people in need. We plan to donate games to charitable institutions such as schools or refuge hostels and will reach out to them once the storm of excitement has calmed down.

2020 was a hard year, for everyone. And we all work to make the world better. For us, 2021 will be a year that WE certainly will not forget so soon.


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James Abele
James Abele
May 17, 2021

Late pledge option ?

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